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How to Request Evac or Shelter Help in NorCal Disasters

North Bay Fires:
Animal Hotline Numbers

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Animal Disaster
Relief Funds

Donate to Support Local Animal Disaster Responders

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Helpful Information & Resources for
Animals & People

2020 Wildfires Animal Lost & Found Information

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Animal Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Videos

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Ways to Help

To help relief and recovery to communities affected by floods or fire, see links below. The HALTER Project supports efforts aiding animal disaster rescue & sheltering, veterinary response teams, and recovery programs for farmers & ranchers.



The HALTER Project

The HALTER Project is a grass-roots program with a vision: To help animals in emergencies and disasters by supporting efforts of communities and agencies to train and prepare for a ready response to, and the care of, animals in everyday emergencies and large-scale disasters.
What we do:

  • Inspire animal owners and their communities to be prepared for emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Support training and development of Animal Technical RescueTeams.
  • Provide education& information resources for the whole community, including senior and disabled residents, non-English speakers, and tourists.
  • Connect donors with nonprofit organizations who provide aid to animals is disasters in their communities.


THE HALTER Project supports local fire agencies, Animal & Emergency Services, and community emergency and animal disaster response groups, to bring needed information and training resources to rural residents and other at-risk neighborhoods.

HALTER helps the whole community improve outcomes for animals in emergencies and disasters by encouraging local agencies, businesses, non-profits, faith-based and neighborhood groups to communicate and collaborate.


Get Involved.
Get Prepared.
Help others.

Subscribe to HALTER Project to receive information about training and events, learn about the latest innovations in Animal Technical Rescue, share your stories and get the latest updates on rural readiness in your community. Help lead rural residents to Safer and Readiness.
We need to work together — neighbors helping neighbors!




Check the HALTER Trainings & Scholarships page for upcoming trainings, Awareness Classes, and other education opportunities for first responders seeking to add Animal Technical Rescue to their toolkit.

Community groups and individuals interested in becoming Animal Disaster Service Workers (ADSW) can find useful information about the process and resources.

Emergency Assistance
Recovery: Moving Forward

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How to Help
Donate or Volunteer

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