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Support our local agencies, organizations and programs!

Donate directly to any of the Fire Protection agencies listed!

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Donate to Marin County Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue

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Donate to Marin Humane

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Donate to NVADG

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Donate to Napa CART

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Donate to Sonoma CART

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Donate to the Council's Equine Disaster Relief & Preparedness Fund.

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Donate to the UCD Animals in Disasters Education and Emergency Fund.

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How far will your donation go?

-- Training for one Animal Rescue Technician averages between $350 and $500 for a 3-day to 4-day training. Sometimes students need additional funds to cover travel expenses to training. A 1-day Awareness Class may be covered by federal grants, but often tuition can range from $35 to $125 per student. Volunteer training is usually free through a CERT or CART program, but students must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact your local fire department or animal control agency to find out if they would like to schedule a training and need financial support.

-- To learn about the equipment and what it costs, follow the steps below...
Step 1: Shop the equipment list below to learn about the equipment, how it's used, and what it costs.
Step 2: Make a donation to the group or fund you'd like to support. Be sure to write “ANIMAL RESCUE" or "DISASTER FUND" on your check or donation form!

If you would like your support to be acknowledged on our Community Partner page, let us know of your contribution.

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Support Your Regional Animal Technical Rescue Groups

Our Marin County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team is stepping up to become Animal Rescue Technicians.

To train and improve skills, they need a life-sized, 900-lb, articulated "horse-a-kin". This is the most costly piece of equipment needed to help the teams learn and maintain skills, and be ready to help in any regional equine rescue emergency.

Help the Marin County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team meet their goal of $10,000. Every dollar counts!
Donate to MARIN SAR

NAME THE “HORSE-A-KIN”! Make a $7500.00 donation and have the privilege of naming the training mannequin after a special equine.

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To support training and equipment purchases for other regional ATR groups, make donations payable to any of these organizations & agencies.