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North Bay Animal Emergency Response Groups

As of summer 2017, Sonoma County has 2 animal emergency response teams staffed by fire service technicians. These teams are identified as  "HART-1" and "HART-2". HART stands for Horse-Animal Response Team.

Areas served by HART-1: Sonoma Valley, Eastern slope of Sonoma Mountain, Western Mayacamas, Bennett and Rincon Valleys, including Annadel, Sugarloaf, Jack London, and Sonoma Valley State and Regional Parks. HART-1 (Glen Ellen - Kenwood Fire Departments) may also become a Typed Resource providing mutual aid to other areas if requested.

HART-2: (Graton, Monte Rio, Sebastopol Fire Departments) can provide assistance to western Sonoma County, especially the Russian River-Laguna region.

Sonoma County Animal Services maintains 2 funds and a fully equipped trailer. These funds are: Large Animal Rescue Fund and the Animal Emergency/Disaster Fund.

In Marin County, 2 agencies train and maintain Animal Technical Rescue skills and work together to assist when called. Your donation to Marin Humane and/or Marin County Sheriff Search & Rescue will help support their continued response to incidents involving animals throughout Marin County.

In Butte County, NVADG, (North Valley Animal Disaster Group), provides evacuation, and shelter services to support Butte County Animal Control. NVADG is an all-volunteer group, which also deploys to disasters throughout northern California when requested by emergency managers.

The Napa-CART was established in Spring 2017 and is developing resources to respond in local emergencies and disasters.

-- Training for one Animal Rescue Technician averages between $350 and $500 for a 3-day to 4-day training. Sometimes students need additional funds to cover travel expenses to training. A 1-day Awareness Class may be covered by federal grants, but often tuition can range from $35 to $125 per student. Volunteer training is usually free through a CERT or CART program, but students must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact your local fire department or animal control agency to find out if they would like to schedule a training and need financial support.

-- To learn about the equipment and what it costs, follow the steps below...
Step 1: Shop the equipment list below to learn about the equipment, how it's used, and what it costs.
Step 2: Make a donation to the group or fund you'd like to support. Be sure to write “ANIMAL RESCUE" or "DISASTER FUND" on your check or donation form!

If you would like your support to be acknowledged on our Community Partner page, let us know of your contribution.

Animal Rescue Equipment and Resources

Here's a list of the manufacturers and distributors who make and sell Large Animal Rescue Equipment available in the USA.

MANEUVER: Packaging

Animal Protection

Commercial Lifts & Slings - Anderson Sling

Mud Lance

ATR Training Equipment

Loops Rescue System

Personal Protection Equipment

Slip Sheet in Action

Capstan Winch

MANUEVER: Relocation, Protection, Packaging

Halter & Lead Rope

Becker Sling with Quick Release Spread Bar

Mud Lance in action

Hardware, Software, Jump Kits

CDA Products LAR Package

Resquip Randy Training Mannequins

Head Lifter

Trailer Tool Kit

Shipping Boots

MANEUVER: Drag, Lift, Roll

Equine Medical Kit

Basic Equipment - Hardware, Software, Straps, Hooks

Additional equipment: Generator, Lights, Electrical Cables

Slip Sheets

Safety Helmet and Bull Rider's Vest

Resquip Ltd - MK II Rescue Sled with aluminum pull bar

Human Mannequin

Padded Head Protectors (CDA & LARRCO)

CDA Products Anderson Sling

Commerical Lifts and Slings

Staged Equipment

Dog Mannequin

CDA Products Rescue Glide & Slip Sheets

Horse Mannequin, Head Lifter, Slip Sheet

Rescue Straps, Ropes, Hardware

Mini Horse for Training

J-Hooks, Ropes, Rescue Straps

CDA Connell Flex Glide

Heavy-duty Canvas Duffel