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The HALTER Project Mission

The HALTER Project, established in 2013, is a grass-roots project based in Sonoma County, California, dedicated to the safety and welfare of people and animals in emergencies and disasters. HALTER Project has a two-fold mission supporting planning and preparedness for animals and people.

FIRST RESPONDER ANIMAL AWARENESS & RESPONSE: HALTER Project provides support to first responders for training, and equipment to assist animals in emergencies. This includes sponsorship and scholarships for Animal Technical Rescue Certification, grants for animal rescue equipment, collaborative development and delivery of teaching tools, and fundraising assistance to agencies and NGOs providing animal technical rescue services.   

INDIVIDUAL & COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS: The HALTER Project is commited to inspiring and enabling individual and community preparedness for people and their animals. We connect people who care about animals – from family pets, backyard chickens, fibershed animals, 4-H projects, to equine boarding facilities, commercial dairies, and livestock ranches, with resources to be safe and prepared in any emergency or disaster. We support local, regional, and national non-profits by promoting awareness of their work and achievements.

Our “Road to Readiness” has 2 paths. Whichever you chose, we hope it leads you and your animals to safety in any emergency or disaster.

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