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HALTER is a volunteer-driven, grassroots initiative organized by Julie Atwood Events to raise awareness and funding for various agencies and organizations to enhance emergency preparedness and large-animal rescue resources.

HALTER’s mission is to support first responders and community volunteers by providing resources for training, equipment, and fundraising to assist in emergencies involving horses, livestock, and other animals.

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Training Photos

Atwood Ranch Training Image

Atwood Ranch Training
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Atwood Ranch Training Smarty in Foreground Image

Kenwood Training
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Atwood Ranch Training Men Moving Logs to Unpin Training Horse Image

Scottsdale Training
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Event Photos

Ranch Readiness 2016 Group Image

Ranch Readiness 2016 Group
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Ranch Readiness 2016 Panel Image

Ranch Readiness 2016 Panel
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Company Files

Julie Atwood Founder of Halter with Horse Image

Julie Atwood | Founder
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Halter Signature Logo

HALTER Signature
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