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Evacuation / Pre-Evac Resources

HALTER Project is dedicated to helping individuals and communities be prepared for any emergency or disaster. Here's a list of resources to help plan for yourself, your family, your animals, and your neighbors.

For You

Regional Preparedness

Livestock, Barn, and Stable Disaster Planning

For Your Pets

At Home & On the Ranch

On the Road

Evacuation and Shelter Resources

NorCal Pre-Mandatory Evac Resources

Animal Disaster Volunteer Information Resources

How to Help

After a Disaster - Livestock & Pet Reunification

First Aid - Veterinary and Human

Animal Welfare Nonprofits

In a disaster, cash donations to local nonprofits are always best and most helpful. Please check locally before sending or delivering supplies to make sure they are needed. Here are some organizations we support for their assistance to all species during and after regional disasters.

Resources for Teachers and Kids

Other Animal Disaster Resources