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Animal Technical Rescue (ATR) Equipment Information

Basic tools and specialized equipment can be part of everyone's animal emergency kit. 

Animal Rescue Technicians are trained in the skills needed to respond to any incident involving animals, large or small. Here are some resources and equipment that are widely used by experienced animal rescue teams around the world. Certain equipment may be approved by a jurisdiction that is best suited to the geographic, weather, and population needs in that region. Animal owners can be prepared by creating their own basic equipment kit. A rescue equipment cache for first responders and animal owners alike need not be costly or complicated to create.

ATR Equipment Information FAQs

ATR Equipment “Packages”

This list provides suggested combinations of equipment for most extraction situations. Prices listed are approximate and based upon equipment purchases through CDA Products.

"FIRST STEP" Equipment List
Suggested for: Private barns & ranches, fire departments, Animal Control personnel, veterinarians