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Basic Horse Handling Videos for Firefighters

This series of videos for firefighters, forest service, and law-enforcement officers was developed to help first responders be safer in situations involving equines. Our goal is to help you extricate animals safely when the urgent need arises, when there are no experienced animal handlers on scene. The lessons demonstrated incorporate basic principles of risk management and scene safety with basic safe equine handling and behavior awareness.
1. Introduction to Horse Handling for Firefighters
2. Horse Movement and Situational Awareness
-- How equines react to stimuli
-- How to read their body language
3. Horse Safety and Danger Zone Awareness
-- How to approach a horse
-- Managing risk
-- Safe zones
-- Danger zones
-- Behavior awareness

4. Approaching, Haltering, and Leading a Horse
-- How to safely approach a horse
-- How to put on a commercial halter
-- How to lead a horse
-- How to exit an enclosed space
-- How to make an emergency halter and lead rope
5. Leading a Horse
-- Entering and exiting a pen or stall
-- How to lead a horse
6. Night Time Awareness
-- How equines react to night time scenarios and how to handle a horse in an unfamiliar environments.