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Summer Safety Report Card

School is out, summer is here! Time to review your Summer Safety Report Card.

Here's a "Safety Study Guide" to help you refresh your skills and improve your grades.
Review your preparedness. Did you PASS, or FAIL? Visit the resources listed at to get all the information you need to get a Straight-A Safety Report Card!

COMMUNICATIONS: Know how to get alerts & contact loved ones. Always have emergency devices that do not rely on grid power.

FAMILY & ANIMAL SAFETY: Make multiple sets of ID, health, and insurance documents, keep in safe, waterproof containers. Have an emergency plan and practice drills.

READY KITS: Make kits for every family member. Store in cars and grab-and-go locations.

HOME & RANCH SAFETY: Create defensible space, inspect your home, barns, sheds, fire extinguishers, water & power sources, trees.

TRAVEL SAFETY: Inspect vehicles, routes & maps, driver awareness, emergency kits.

NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY: Know your neighbors & their contacts. Know vacation rental owner-manager contacts, pet & livestock locations, evacuation routes.