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Safety Checklist

Are you staying home? Do a walk-around. Download safety checklists from your local website, Fire/Emergency Services, or other resources. The HALTER Project Preparedness Library is filled with resources. and GET READY! Kent County are excellent examples of local resources.

Here are some memory joggers to get you going…

If you are leaving for the day, a week, or longer – plan ahead! This list is by no means complete; we hope it will just get you thinking about what is most relevant for you and your animals.

HOME: Do you have a key hidden where you can easily describe location to responders? Fire defensible space? Are you prepared for…floods? Extended power outage? Earthquake? Severe storms? Have flashlights? Batteries? Emergency radio?

BARN: Fire-safe? Storm-ready? Have feed & water reserves? Animal IDs? Halters, ropes accessible? Padlocks removed? Doors and gates secure but not locked? First-aid kit? Earthquake hazards? Power backup? Chargers? Communication devices? Headlamps/flashlights?

VEHICLES: Safety inspections? Tanks fueled? Vehicles stage for getaways? Know how to open garage in power failure? Extra chargers & cables? Ready-kits stashed securely?

TRAILER: Safety inspection on tires, lights, flooring? Trailer hooked up & staged for quick access and getaway? First-aid and tool kits ready?

EQUINES & LIVESTOCK: Have an Evacuation Plan A, B, and C? Connected with neighbors? Vet records up to date? ID in sturdy binder or file? Practiced catching & loading? Feed & water stored out of harm’s way? Blankets and wraps removed on Red Flag days? Have ID kit ready nearby and ready? Checked all “shelter-in-place” (SIP) locations for defensibility? Removed hazards? Water storage?

PETS: Refreshed ready-kits? Vet and ID info accessible? Know your evacuation options? Practiced crating, harnessing? Created safety areas? Made signs for key entry locations? 

YOU: Think like a flight attendant: If YOU’RE not safe, you can’t help anyone else. Prepare yourself, family, ranch or facility staff first. Assign a chain of command. Enter “ICE” (in Case of Emergency) local AND out-of-area contacts on everyone’s phones. Know your LOCAL EMERGENCY HELPLINES FOR ANIMALS: Animal Control Agency, Sheriff Department/ Police, Humane Society, Farm Bureau, or other. If you don’t know, find out now!

Pet, horse & livestock owners: NOW is a good time to CHECK FENCES!!!