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❤ Gifts for ALL your Valentines!

Diamonds might be a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend, but show them how much you really care by giving a gift of safety ❤ 

Basics are important, but what can make the difference between just getting by, and surviving in comfort, are the little things. Small, useful luxuries that are truly personal can make a huge difference when you’re living with no water, power or heat.

Give your sweeties a ready-kit that’s made just for them! And who says safety basics have to be blah?? Valentine shades of hot pink, lipstick red, and luscious lilac are not only fun but also easy to spot when you’re in a hurry.

Here are some of our favorite ideas...
-- Waterproof wallet filled with cash, laminated copies of ID, contacts, and prescriptions
-- A backpack in their favorite bright color
-- Waterproof travel pouch filled with favorite self-care treats, like herbal wipes, scented lotion, yummy lip balm, a good nail clipper with file
-- A cute fanny pack with essential basics
-- Backup bags for the whole family, packed into ONE bright duffle
-- Communication Kit: small toolbox filled with solar charger, cables, adapters, and a crank radio & batteries
-- Carryall: a tote bag or crate filled with basics for ALL your animals… extra leashes, ID tags, 1 notebook with everyone’s ID, health records, photos, food, dishes, toys, towels, kennel pads, battery-powered aerator and cable for fish tanks
-- Grab-n-go bag for equines: a carryall with ropes, halters, ID crayons, Sharpies, duct tape, wipes, eyewash or saline

What better way to spread the love this Valentines Day than to give gifts of safety!

Have fun, and stay safe!