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FEMA Swiftwater/Flood SAR Technician – Animal Rescue Specialist Training

The class will start with a 3-hour classroom session to cover all the topics required and then break for an early lunch and meet at the field location. The rest of the afternoon will be field practicals and rescue scenarios. Topics this training will cover include capture equipment; animal behavior; triage and packaging; restraint techniques; animal rescue boat operations; animal rescue land-based human and animal rescue scenarios both land-based and boat rescue; large animal rescue problem solving; and any other basic refresher skills. The focus on the class will be small animal applications but we will discuss in length large animal scenarios as it seems to be more and more common.


April 2 or April 3


8:00am - 4:30 pm


Atwood Ranch, Glen Ellen, CA




See flyer


Register online

Class fee: $200/per person

Participants must be a currently credentialed Swiftwater Technician and working for a first response agency, Strike Team, or Task Force. Agencies will need to provide credentials prior to registering for training.

HALTER Project offers scholarships to qualified applicants, including: Firefighters, Volunteer SAR, Mounted Officers, Veterinarians and RVTs, and volunteers with FEMA IS-100, 200 & 700 certificates.

To request a Scholarship: 1. Register for class on instructor website; 2. Submit request by filling out online “Scholarship Request Form” at halterproject.org/trainings-and-scholarships 3: You will receive confirmation from rescue@halterfund.org

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