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Animal is Crisis: Ensuring the Wellbeing & Safety of Companion Animal During Disasters

The emotional bond between humans and animals is undeniable, and it's our responsibility to ensure that they receive the care and attention they deserve during times of crisis. By advocating for comprehensive disaster planning that includes provisions for companion animals, we can protect not only the lives of our loyal companions but also alleviate the psychological trauma that pet owners often face when separated from their beloved pets. Julie Atwood founded the HALTER Project in 2013 to help people be prepared and know what to do to keep their animals safe during emergencies and disasters. She provides free resources to help communities, especially rural areas, care for their animals. Listen in as Basher Productions LLC Founder, Wendy Nystrom, interviews Julie about her experiences evacuating during the 2017 Napa fires and the importance of having multiple evacuation plans, hardening homes and barns to protect both people and animals, establishing relationships with local agencies in charge of animals, and identifying resources within the community.